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Bill Ellermeyer

Bill has been working with executives in transition for the past 30 years, helping them to forge a new career path, or in some cases start or even buy a business and develop a “portfolio career” mentality with the ability to use one’s core skills and experience over multiple streams of income. Being involved, getting connected, and staying engaged in work that is inspiring and meaningful is the best way to stay engaged throughout a lifetime of employment.

Bill is one of the most recognized Executive Career Transition Consultants in Southern California, having pioneered the corporate-sponsored career transition business in the early 1980s. Since then, Bill has become a noted speaker who regularly speaks about career management, entrepreneurship, and “un-retirement.” He is a master connector who helps clients build relevant quality contacts, something he believes is the bottom line for every senior executive in transition. Hundreds of Orange County executives over the past 25 years have benefited from Bill’s remarkable talent and solid expertise. In addition to having pioneered the outplacement business with the creation of Career Management Services, Bill participated in the creation of the Association of Professional Consultants, the Global Network, and the Senior Executive Forum.

Ellermeyer Connect is based in Tustin, Calif., and is an executive career coaching business that guides its clients through career transitions and beyond. The company specializes in working with people from the executive search, investment banking, private equity, turnaround management, employed executives and professional service industries. Bill Ellermeyer provides the primary coaching for every client in the program and provides unlimited access. More than a career counselor, Ellermeyer acts as a personal agent to his executive clients, introducing them to powerful connections and taking them to meaningful business networking events. Ellermeyer Connect provides key connections that greatly enhance each client’s visibility in the marketplace. For more information, visit

"You must have some passion or joy in your work for long term success."

~ Bill Ellermeyer

Bill Ellermeyer
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"Job search can be enjoyable by being in service to everyone you meet."

~ Bill Ellermeyer

Get what you need to move your career forward!

We help our clients get to their employment goal faster than if left to their own efforts, whether to find a job, start or buy a business, or pursue a “Portfolio Career” using their core skills and experience over multiple streams of income.

Our clients receive “quality contacts” to expand and build a robust NETWORK that they will carry forward for mutual support through the rest of their career/life. Our goal for our clients is to also build a better Life/Work balance with more time for friends, family and doing more of the things they truly love to do.

How We Help You

Get you employed faster with a:

  • Thorough assessment and selection of a primary & secondary employment goal.
  • Resume review and rewrite as necessary.
  • Interview preparation and review prior to meetings.
  • Meet physically each week for strategy and meaningful network connections.
  • Work with clients until fully and happily deployed in new employment.
Working on career together

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