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Biography of Bill Ellermeyer 

Bill Ellermeyer was born in Kittanning Pennsylvania, 30 miles up the river from Pittsburg.  His parents came to the San Francisco Bay area when he was young where he grew up until going to Principia College in Southern Illinois where he obtained a degree in Business Administration.  He then joined the Navy in 1960 and became a Naval Air Intelligence Officer attached to a squadron of  jets operating out of a Naval Air Station near Fresno California.  His Naval career took him in and out of ports in the Philippines, Japan and China.

After leaving the Navy, he established a career in human resources becoming VP with Air Cal in Newport Beach.  Bill then took the entrepreneurial route in 1983 starting his company in the executive outplacement industry where he became known as one of the pioneers in the career transition business.  He grew the firm to include offices in Irvine, Los Angeles, and San Diego California.

He sold the business to Adecco in 2000 and became an independent career transition coach which he serves in today helping people discover their “true calling” as well as getting clients  connected with a robust network of meaningful contacts.

Bill is an avid reader with two or three books going at any one time and with a particular interest in the future with the hyper change we are all living with now.  Most of his reading is non fiction on history, self development, entrepreneurship, mindfulness and the Law of Attraction.  He is also passionate about music from early jazz to pop rock and country while at the same time relaxing  or working with classical music in the background.

These days after working with clients he can be found listening to music while reading a book on the impact of Artificial Intelligence, Genomics, or Entrepreneurship.  He has an ongoing interest in fitness exercise, diet and nutrition.  Bill has been married since 1977 and has a daughter Lauren who is the co-founder of Beyond Fifteen a growing PR firm in Newport Beach California.

Bill Ellermeyer

"You must have some passion or joy in your work for long term success."

~ Bill Ellermeyer

Idea Light Bulb

"Job search can be enjoyable by being in service to everyone you meet."

~ Bill Ellermeyer

Get what you need to move your career forward!

We help our clients get to their employment goal faster than if left to their own efforts, whether to find a job, start or buy a business, or pursue a “Portfolio Career” using their core skills and experience over multiple streams of income.

Our clients receive “quality contacts” to expand and build a robust NETWORK that they will carry forward for mutual support through the rest of their career/life. Our goal for our clients is to also build a better Life/Work balance with more time for friends, family and doing more of the things they truly love to do.

How We Help You

Get you employed faster with a:

  • Thorough assessment and selection of a primary & secondary employment goal.
  • Resume review and rewrite as necessary.
  • Interview preparation and review prior to meetings.
  • Meet physically each week for strategy and meaningful network connections.
  • Work with clients until fully and happily deployed in new employment.
Working on career together

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