Ellermeyer Connect Forum

Connect monthly with a group of like-minded professionals, business owners, bankers, private equity, executive search and more.

By invitation only.

Ellermeyer Connect is a private member forum that includes:

  • Monthly group video conference call with presentations and networking sessions
  • Those who attend will receive a directory of handpicked, high achievement people who know how to give back

What Our Members Are Saying

Eelco Niermeijer

"Every month I look forward to the Ellermeyer Connect Forum because of the wealth of information that is presented in less than two hours about the economy, global updates, and important developments in technology..."

William Edwards

"Bill Ellermeyer's 'Ellermeyer Connect' monthly meetings are a great use of time for at least two reasons: great networking across the country and world and the information we get from Bill's curated speakers."

Jay McDowell

"Ellermeyer Connect is a group of highly knowledgeable business professionals that meet monthly to discuss the current state of the economy of Orange County, California, the United States and Globally and have lively heartfelt discussions..."

The benefits of membership in the Ellermeyer Connect Forum include:

1. Meeting and collaborating with vetted, diverse, and accomplished leaders and professionals who give back. The monthly meetings held the last Wednesday of each month from 7:30 am PST to 9:30 am PST follow a programmatically magazine-style format that is intelligent, professional, entertaining, fast-paced, interactive, and thought provoking.

2. Receiving the current issue of the Ellermeyer Connect Directory of Members. The directory is intended to be used for developing relationships and opportunities for helping one another rather than to self-serve and solicit. The foundation of the Ellermeyer Connect community is trust, respect, professionalism, and consideration.

3. Accessing provocative, actionable, trending, and future-focused content: (1) US Economic Outlook, (2) Global Outlook, (3) game-changing trends, developments, and technologies with future implications, and (4) LinkedIn Tips. The presentation slide decks will be shared with members after each meeting.

4. Participating virtually (2-dimension) via the convenience and efficiency of Zoom as well as in-person (3-dimension) when possible.

5. Engaging in dynamic breakout sessions that facilitate the development of new relationships and the forging of old relationships so opportunities to support one another are uncovered.

6. Accessing the Ellermeyer Connect Forum Premium LinkedIn Group, the Online Member Area Archives and Discussions, Sponsorship and Promotional Opportunities, and the Advisory Board, and more (in process).

Working Home Office

Increasing Demand

Gauging the level of support expressed by many members and with the encouragement of EC advisors, Bill Ellermeyer and Nelinia Varenas (Technology Partner) realized the value Ellermeyer Connect was providing each month as a worthy endeavor that members would be willing to support monetarily.  Hence the Ellermeyer Connect Forum (ECF) was born.  The ECF is a more ambitious undertaking, not only engaging more people but with the goal of providing more services and benefits to its members.  We outline the services and benefits below as well as on the attachment.

Two-Tiered System

ECF Members receive the benefits listed on the attached Benefits Outline, and they also receive:

  1. Digital copies of the ECF Member Directory
  2. Digital copies of Brian Connors’ Economic Forecast slides, Bill Edwards’ Global Forecast slides, and the Featured Speaker’s slides
  3. Invitation to join the breakout rooms at the monthly meetings
  4. Access to the private area of the ECF portal on Bill Ellermeyer’s website
  5. More benefits to come . . .

Non-member guests may attend up to two meetings before being offered the opportunity to join ECF as a member; they will be given a 30-second introduction, able to participate in the presentations, and given the first three member benefits listed above.

Businessman Working on Desk

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Ted Shown

President of TGSA Logistics

Attendee of the professional round table

"I have been attending Ellermeyer Connect Luncheons for several years.  The new online format continues that tradition in a great way.  I look forward to these informative monthly meetings where I never fail to learn something new.  It is a great way to keep in touch with friends and make new ones.  Bill’s magazine format keeps things running in a way that holds your attention throughout the entire meeting."

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